Install QGIS on Mac OS X

Install Quantum GIS on Mac OS X

The main release packages for Mac are maintained by Kyngchaos, aka William Kyngsburye. Thanks, Bill!

  1. Download packages needed here
  2. Quick and dirty install as follows in this sequence:
  3. GDAL Complete framwork (download and install .dmg)
  4. Maptolib Python Module (download and install .dmg)
  5. QGIS (download and install the package for your system: Snow Leapord, Lion, or Mountain Lion)
  6. After installing, launch QGIS
    1. if you encounter problems, try:
    2. open Terminal and as Superuser or Root run the command:
      export PATH=/Library/Frameworks/GDAL.framework/Programs:$PATH
    3. relaunch QGIS

you should be all set with QGIS 2.0