Export Data in GeoTIFF formats

  1. Exporting georeferenced images as GeoTIFFs is a good way to save and share raster layers.
  2. When you open a GeoTiff as a raster layer, it may have no style, and be rendered as a "singleband" grayscale raster image.

  1. You can reset the RENDER TYPE from singleband gray to "singleband pseudocolor" and generate a new color ramp.
  2. Be sure to pick a color ramp, set the MODE to Equal interval, and set the number of classes.
  3. You will have to hit the CLASSIFY button for the classification to be registered, then APPLY or OK to render the map view.

  1. To EXPORT the raster as a GeoTIFF, right click on the raster layer in the LAYER LIST, then SAVE AS.
  2. In the Save Raster Layer As dialog, set the OUTPUT MODE to Rendered Image
  3. For WorldMap, set the CRS as WGS 84, EPSG 4326.
  4. Set Resolution to COLUMNS and accept the defaults.
  5. For CREATE OPTIONS set to No Compression. You may also choose to add Pyramids in the next section.
  6. When you have made all your settings, hit OK and wait for the export to process the GeoTIFF. After completion, ADD RASTER LAYER and add the new GeoTIFF to QGIS... It should have the saved Style included in the Rendered Image.
Thanks to Jeff Howry for "rendered image" tip!