Install Quantum GIS on Mac OS X

  1. Download complete instructions in PDF format
  2. Quick and dirty install as follows: download the following packages from KyngChaos Wiki
  3. GDAL Complete
  4. GSL framework
  5. Freetype framework
  6. Cairo framework
  7. GRASS
  8. QGIS
  9. including sub-packages install in the following order:
    1. GDAL Complete
    2. NumPy (sub-package of GDAL Complete)
    3. GSL framework
    4. Freetype Framework
    5. Cairo Framework
    6. GRASS
    7. GRASS GDAL plugin.mkpg (sub-package of GRASS)
    8. open Terminal and as Superuser or Root run the command:
      export PATH=/Library/Frameworks/GDAL.framework/Programs:$PATH
    9. QGIS
  10. launch QGIS

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