滁州 (traditional Chinese)

滁州 (simplified Chinese)

Chu Zhou (Pinyin)

type: zhou prefecture
temporal span: from 758 to 1277
spatial info: POINT point N 32.31699 E 118.30416 (geo data source: FROM_AC)
part of:

淮南东路 Huainandong Lu from 976 to 996
淮南路 Huainan Lu from 997 to 1071
淮南东路 Huainandong Lu from 1072 to 1077
淮南路 Huainan Lu from 1078 to 1126
淮南东路 Huainandong Lu from 1127 to 1275
江淮行省 Jianghuai Xing from 1276 to 1277
sub units:
data source: CHGIS
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