盱眙縣 (traditional Chinese)

盱眙县 (simplified Chinese)

Xuyi Xian (Pinyin)

type: xian county
temporal span: from 690 to 1004
spatial info: POINT point N 33.01474 E 118.49534 (geo data source: FROM_AC)
part of:

楚州 Chu Zhou from 690 to 741
淮阴郡 Huaiyin Jun from 742 to 757
楚州 Chu Zhou from 758 to 780
泗州 Si Zhou from 781 to 936
楚州 Chu Zhou from 937 to 962
泗州 Si Zhou from 963 to 1004
no subunits
data source: CHGIS
source note: 待补
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