東陽縣 (traditional Chinese)

东阳县 (simplified Chinese)

Dongyang Xian (Pinyin)

type: xian county
temporal span: from -224 to 212
spatial info: POINT point N 32.96185 E 118.83847 (geo data source: FROM_FD)
part of:

东海郡 Donghai Jun from -212 to -202
东阳郡 Dongyang Jun from -201 to -122
广陵郡 Guangling Jun from -121 to -118
临淮郡 Linhuai Jun from -117 to 13
淮平郡 Huaiping Jun from 14 to 22
临淮郡 Linhuai Jun from 23 to 36
广陵郡 Guangling Jun from 37 to 57
广陵国 Guangling Guo from 58 to 66
广陵郡 Guangling Jun from 67 to 195
广陵郡 Guangling Jun from 196 to 212
no subunits
data source: CHGIS
source note: 待补
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