天平軍節度使 (traditional Chinese)

天平军节度使 (simplified Chinese)

Tianpingjun Jiedushi (Pinyin)

type: 防镇 防鎮 fang zhen defense command
temporal span: from 820 to 960
spatial info: POINT point N 35.92291 E 116.42073 (geo data source: )
part of:

Tang from 820 to 906
后梁 Houliang from 907 to 922
后唐 Houtang from 923 to 935
后晋 Houjin from 936 to 946
后汉 Houhan from 947 to 950
后周 Hou Zhou from 951 to 959
北宋 Beisong from 960 to 960
no subunits
data source: CHGIS
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