The Remera site is located in Eastern Province. Click on the image for a slideshow of photographs. All photographs © 2002-2008 Jens Meierhenrich.

Driving down the two-lane paved road in Kibungo, one passes the small but solemn sector complex of Remera, located in Bugera cell. Three small buildings, the post office, sector office, and police station stand on a well-manicured lawn in a semi-circle, with the Rwandan flag flapping proudly in the wind. In the middle of the semi-circle, facing the road for every passerby to see, is the Remera Sector memorial.

The white tiled mass graves, protected by a low fence decorated with pots of flowers, is swept clean of the ubiquitous red dust of this region. Built sometime around 1997, the mass grave strongly resembles many of the official sector memorials one encounters throughout the country, with its central, well-protected location, flat-surfaced mass graves, and white concrete marker with a black cross.

It is indeed a well-protected memorial, unlike some we have seen, with local police keeping a close eye on visitors of the memorial. Yet the local police chief, new to the region, had very little information about the victims who were interred in the memorial. According to one resident, the bodies were collected from the surrounding hills, and buried here for protection and accessibility. Every March during the national commemoration week, Tutsi from all over the sector gather at the memorial to make sure that they “never forget” those who perished in Remera in 1994.

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