Install QGIS on MAC OSX

The main release packages for Mac are maintained by KyngChaos, aka William Kyngesburye. Thanks, Bill!

Under CURRENT section DOWNLOAD the QGIS .dmg here from KyngChaos

Quick and dirty install as follows in this sequence:

  1. Double-click the QGIS .dmg to open the installer
  2. GDAL Complete framework
  3. NumPy package
  4. Maptolib Python Module
  5. QGIS Package
  6. Launch the QGIS application

Mac installation videos


English no sound: QGIS 2.18, Youtube Video, 8m01s

English: QGIS 2.16 on Sierra, Youtube Video, 6m37s

En espaƱol: QGIS 2.14, Youtube Video, 6m33s