Welcome to maps.cga.harvard.edu - a catalog of websites that the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University has created for different research and educational purposes.


Google Maps Tutorials - Tutorials for the beginning google mash-up mapper.

Geographic Position Finder - Displays a copy/pasteable lat/long coordinate anywhere in the world.

Surgical Safety - The Surgical Safety Checklist web map. World animation -  June, 2010 map -  U.S. animation.

Global Oil - A kml dataset for download showing global oil pipelines, consumption, production - and more.

Boston Youth Tobacco Initiative - A map made for this project.

Geographic Information Sharing Tool - Share data in kml format.

New Hampshire Voter Turnout Map - View and edit voter turnout numbers.

Other CGA Web Maps - AfricaMap, Roman Empire, China earthquake web map links and descriptions.

Emergency Department Web Map

Muslim Population Web Map (password protected)